Treehouse was planted as special project for the Chenoweth's, it has been the flagship vineyard for the Cirq project. About 14 acres of Pinot Noir, this vineyard sits atop an incredible red, iron-rich mountain that boasts an altitude of 750 feet. The fruit this vineyard produces is a direct relfection of the land it is grown upon, providing deep, dark, intense flavors and ripping acidity. This fruit is unlike any other. 

Vineyard Stats

  • Year planted: 2006
  • Acreage: 13.5 acres
  • Varietals: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Vine Spacing: 7 x 4
  • Soils: Sobrante Clay Loam
  • Rootstocks: 23, Swan, 37, Pommard, Calera (all on 101-14 rootstock)
Chenoweth Vineyards Treehouse
Chenoweth Vineyards Treehouse